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Jopwell Celebrates Women's History Month

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No matter the magnitude or level of transformation, women all over the world have banded together to ensure that this movement is being revolutionized and recognized. Even in 2021, we still see deficits in fair pay, leadership representation, and accessibility to opportunities; which is why equitable change has become a global concern for all sexes and we’ve barely scratched the surface.

At Jopwell it’s important for us to encourage and empower women of all ages and backgrounds to be a presence in any room they step in. This month, we’ll be pushing the women’s rights movement agenda and sharing some purposeful stories from women in our own community. Be on the lookout for a new story every week about some of the amazing women we have gotten to know who are a part of the Jopwell community.

Women's History Month Content

  1. A Brief History Lesson on the Women's Rights Movement
  2. 6 Women Dominating the Tech + Creative Space That You Should Know
  3. How This Basketball Referee Landed a Job In Code
  4. How This Finance Pro Landed a Chief of Staff Position at 27
  5. Work-Life Balance as a Freelancer: With Multidisciplinary Artist, Mia Penaloza
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