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A List of 10 Student Resources for International Students' Day

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Today is International Students' Day! Held annually on November 17, in recent years it has been observed in order to celebrate multiculturalism of the student community.

At Jopwell, we strive to provide resources for our campus community to feel prepared to level up in the next step of their career journey. Continue reading for a few of this years' most helpful student resources to support you on you next steps in your career path.

  1. A Guide to End Your Internship in the Most Productive Way
  2. Tips for Your Resume & Cover Letter
  3. How to Upgrade Your Resumé and Cover Letter for Your Dream Role
  4. Don't Know Who Needs to Hear This, But Update Your Finance Resume
  5. Don't Know Who Needs to Hear This, But Update Your Tech Resume
  6. Five Cold Outreaches To Use RIGHT NOW
  7. You Got A Job Offer! It's Negotiation Time
  8. Your Guide to Navigate Fall Recruitment
  9. 2022 Internships to Sign Up For RIGHT NOW
  10. Tips to Crush Your Interview: Virtual & In-Person
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