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Tips to Crush Your Interview: Virtual & In-Person

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You followed our resume and cover letter tips which landed you an interview. Now, follow our interview tips to secure the position. You got this!

Our world looks a lot different now. Many interviews are taking place virtually, but some are in-person. Don’t worry we got you covered for both.

Prepare your answers: Before the interview, research some common interview questions and write down your answers. Many interviewers open with “tell me about yourself.'' Be prepared to state your name, education, years of experience, current position, 2-3 work qualities, and expectations for your next role. Make sure that all of your responses to an interviewer’s questions are concise.

Be on time: This is highly important because it shows that you respect people’s time. Arrive 10 minutes before if your interview is in-person to get yourself together. Log in 15 minutes prior to your virtual interview to prepare your mic and camera.

Dress the part: The job is already yours so dress professionally both in-person and virtually. You’ll feel confident and so will the hiring manager about their decision to hire you.

Be engaged: Be attentive to the interviewer with your body language. Sit up straight and make eye contact.

Have questions prepared: Always, always, always have 3-5 questions prepared for the interviewer. Do your research beforehand and take notes during the interview so that your questions are specific to the opportunity. Candidates who ask about a company’s recent reports in the news or online tend to stand out more.

Understand the process: Looking for a job is a journey. Use one of your questions to ask about potential next steps in the interview process, including having to take a skills assessment. The name of the game is preparation. Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready!

Take notes: This works for virtual interviews. It allows you to keep track of important points and avoid asking questions that have already been answered. This will come in handy when you’re writing your thank you notes.

Send a thank you note: Always thank someone for their time! Thank the interviewer for their time and recall something the interviewer said. Don’t forget to express your excitement! Send the note no later than two days after.

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