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You Got A Job Offer! It's Negotiation Time.

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You’ve followed the resume guide, the guide to finding a position, the interview guide, and now here’s your guide to navigating a job offer!

First, jump up and down in excitement.

It’s super exciting to get the offer from a dream company, BUT there are still some things to consider before you say yes.

The offer stage before accepting is prime time to negotiate the things that you want beyond a higher salary. You’ll be more successful in negotiating if you’ve established a relationship with the company through past work such as an internship. If you haven’t had that opportunity, don't worry. Be confident!

Research. Research your offered position and its market salary. Determine whether or not your initial offer seems fair given your abilities and the industry. Tap into your alumni network and see if anyone is working a similar job and can speak to the demands of the role. Getting another opinion about any opportunity is always a plus!

You Don’t Have to Say Yes Right Away. The most important thing to know is that you don’t have to immediately accept a job offer. You have the right to read through the details, ask clarifying questions, and request an extension to explore your options. This is especially true if you’re in final interviews with other companies.

It’s Okay To Be Transparent. If you’re still considering other job opportunities outside of a company, it’s okay to let the company know. You don’t have to divulge everything, but share information that can help you progress the offer conversation. Ex: If you’ve received a competing offer with higher compensation for a similar role, you can use your offer to negotiate offer details (e.g. salary, extra vacation days, etc.) with other employers.

Know Yourself. If you’re looking to negotiate, know what you specifically bring to the table. If you received glowing reviews during your interview process or summer internship with the company, then use that feedback to your advantage. Explain how you add unique value to the company and why you’re hoping to negotiate certain aspects of your offer.

Avoid Ultimatums. Not every company has the ability to adjust their original offer. If you seem difficult or not interested, then they will go with their second choice.Always be respectful to employers and sound grateful for what they have done for you. The goal is for you to feel good about your offer process, not to burn bridges.

Don’t Renege. Sometimes reneging on an offer is unavoidable, but avoid it as much as possible. It’s better to fully vet an opportunity than accept an offer only to renege later.

You Can Walk Away. Again, don’t feel pressured. If the negotiation isn’t working in your favor and/or the company isn’t a fit for you, walk away. It’s okay.

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