What To Expect From Our Annual Career Fair, Jopwell Talks 2021

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We do plenty of networking events and Jopwell Talks is the one that we've been preparing you for all year. Jopwell Talks is a three-day virtual conference exploring and celebrating people of color in the workplace through interactive sessions, DEI content sharing, and inspirational talks with industry leaders.

We held the inaugural Jopwell Talks in 2019 in-person at The Brooklyn Museum, hosting 300+ attendees and speakers like Gayle King, Marcus Sammuelson, Michael Lomax, and more. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have since transitioned to the virtual world.

This year, we've perfected the art of virtual events and we're ready for you to put your networking skills to the test. You'll learn a myriad of skills through the three-day adventure, but most importantly, we want you to leave inspired and encourage you to continue your job search by applying to open roles on Jopwell's partner pages. In addition to networking, you will learn more about the inside of your favorite finance, tech and marketing companies, while getting to meet some of the people who work at the company as well.

Jopwell’s mission is twofold: To make a substantial, measurable impact on increasing Black, Latinx, and Native American representation in the workplace by unlocking opportunities for career advancement and to facilitate a national dialogue about diversity in the workplace. We're excited to get you started on your next step in your career with Jopwell Talks.

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Continue reading to learn about what you should expect out of our biggest annual event.

1. Expect to meet new people

You will be in a virtual room with hundreds of professionals just like you. Explore the room—you never know who you might meet.

2. Expect to take notes

You'll be consuming so much information that will be helpful for your career. Make sure you are prepared to take notes.

3. Expect to learn more about the companies you will apply to

Jopwell has access to many of the leading companies that individuals like you apply to everyday. Make sure you take advantage of being in these rooms.

4. Expect to meet peers in all facets of their careers

Not only will you be in the same room as industry leaders, but you will also be in the same room as people who may be on a similar career path to you. You never know who you can learn from, so ask questions and meet some of you peers as well.

5. Expect to followup

This event isn't just for awareness. We want to help you with next steps as well. Make sure you take your learnings and do your research on Jopwell.com to find the next role that fits you best.

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