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Jopwell U Ambassador Highlight Series: Melvin André

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The best advice comes from a person who’s been there before which is why we caught up with a Jopwell student ambassador to tell you their experience as a college student and ambassador. The Jopwell University Ambassador (JUA) program is a team of amazing undergrad students across the country who promotes Jopwell on their campuses. As a student, your ambassador is the most direct way to engage with the Jopwell team and our direct link to you so that we can stay up to date with your needs and how we can support you better. That said, if you have an ambassador on your campus, hit them up to share feedback and get help with maximizing your Jopwell experience, it’s their job!

We caught up with Melvin André, a senior at University of Connecticut and a Jopwell campus ambassador to tell you what life as a JUA is like! Melvin is a finance major from Stamford, CT who recently secured a full-time position through Jopwell, within Citi’s Human Resources department. Yup, you read that correctly, a finance major that found their way into another field. “I didn’t like my finance internship and I was drawn to HR, you don’t have to go the traditional route based on your major,” Melvin shares.

Melvin got his Jopwell start during his sophomore year when he joined the platform as a member. One day he saw an email calling for ambassadors and thought it was the perfect opportunity to meet new people and help them find internships. When he got selected he immediately integrated Jopwell into the student organization where he serves as president, the Business Leaders at UCONN (BLU). As an ambassador, Melvin promotes events, engages with students, and ensures that his peers gets the maximum benefits of being a Jopwell member like he did. His Citi journey began when he attended our annual Jopwell Talks conference where he met other students and Citi recruiters. After expressing interest, Jopwell connected Melvin with a mentor who helped him navigate through the application process and eventually receive an offer. He’s set to begin his new role two months after he graduates this May!

When asked about what he learned from this experience Melvin said: “Being a Jopwell ambassador has taught me how to be more organized and how to have more organic interactions with people. I also learned that you don’t have to go the traditional route, find what you love.” The program allowed him to discover what he truly wants in a career – to be able to help others find their voice and empower it. As he looks forward to his post-grad life, Melvin shares, “I’m excited for the new challenges ahead and to learn more about life to grow.”

His advice for you? “Take risks! That’s where the best opportunities come from. Keep talking to leaders and mentors, don’t be shy to ask for help!” Join us in congratulating and wishing Melvin André all the luck on this new chapter of life!

For more information about how YOU can become a JUA, click here.

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