Jopwell Testimonial: Meet Wadnes Castelly, Jopwell Community Member Turned Spotify Employee

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Photo of Jopwell member Wadnes Castelly

At Jopwell, our goal is to simplify the process of connecting our diverse community members to opportunities that best serve them and the company's needs. We often have our community members complete surveys that let us know if our resources have been helpful to them. We spoke with Wadnes Castelly—Jopwell member since 2015—about their experience using the platform and why he’d recommend Jopwell to his peers.

Wadnes Castelly is a Jopwell community member who recently landed a job at Spotify. Last year, Jopwell recommended that Wadnes apply to a Client Services Manager role with Spotify. Knowing that Wadnes was interested in pivoting to the tech space, we felt like this was the perfect opportunity for him to make the move. After the initial rounds of interviews, Spotify shared with Wadnes that they were shifting their company goals, which affected the role that Wadnes originally applied to. Success in landing this role did not come easy, but we knew that this was the right role for Wadnes so we kept it on his radar and ours. A little digging from Jopwell, persistence from Wadnes, and a total of ten interviews later, and Wadnes is rolling into 2020 with his dream role.

"Jopwell is a great platform because they help position professionals of color, with great skills who lack access, by exposing them to hiring managers as the best and ideal candidate, while supporting them throughout the interview process."

Although uncontrollable circumstances arose, our duty is to make sure our Jopwell community folks feel supported and we strive to do just that! Wadnes is now one of Spotify’s most recent hires—taking on a new role at the company as a Client Solutions Partner. Continue reading to learn about Wadnes’ experience and how Jopwell can help you with your own interview processes.

What would you say was one major standout experience of your job application/interview process through Jopwell?

The process was very streamlined and I don’t know if it would have been the same for me if I had applied blindly without Jopwell.

You responded “10” to our question about how likely you would be to recommend Jopwell to a friend or colleague. Please provide a little more detail on why you would highly recommend Jopwell.

Jopwell is a platform that not only helps you find your ideal job, but they also care about your long-term success. Jopwell genuinely cared about my candidate experience and career aspirations, which makes them a platform I would highly recommend to any professional of color, young or seasoned, to help get to the next level in their career.

Are there any specific details regarding your experience with our team members and their approach/communication during the process that you enjoyed and would like to share?

In addition to being a professional, I’m a person. Real people have emotions. I truly admired and appreciated the empathy the team expressed to me as my interview process took longer than expected due to circumstances outside of our control. Looking back, all the phone calls and emails to check in on me were greatly appreciated and said a lot about how Jopwell viewed me as a professional, but most importantly as a person.

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