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Jopwell Launches Latinx Stock Photo Collection

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Jopwell Latinx Photoshoot Vol I.

Last year, we embarked on a new initiative to increase representation in imagery through the development of The Jopwell Collection – original, free-to-download stock photography featuring diverse professionals in a wide array of work environments. We’re proud to release the Jopwell Latinx Photo Collection Vol. I, a brand new collection featuring Latinx millennials in the workplace. By providing free-to-download, high-quality images that highlight and celebrate Latinx professionals as their authentic professional selves, we hope to empower the next generation of leaders and showcase a way forward for true representation in the workplace.

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 7.34.42 PM Image from Jopwell Latinx Photoshoot

Latinxs are the U.S.’ second largest ethnic or racial group behind Whites, according to the Pew Research Center. Yet Latinxs only make up around 8% of media representation. “We’re often searching for imagery featuring Black, Latinx, and Native Americans in modern and authentic professional settings, and there is very little compelling representation out there. There are only a handful of truly impactful images showcasing diverse faces in career settings. The results become more dire when you narrow your search to a specific demographic. We saw a particularly pronounced gap with imagery depicting Latinx millennials so we decided to run a shoot to create the images we wish we’d had when planning our marketing campaigns,” says Clara Lucio, Senior Brand Manager at Jopwell, who directed the shoot.

We embarked on a highly curated process to bring this photoshoot to fruition. We hired Yarminiah Rosa, an Afro-Latinx photographer and creative director and utilized a space, background, and color scheme that cued the rich and vibrant cultural roots of the Latinx experience but that still depicted the modern, fast-paced, and collaborative work environments of today. We also intentionally cast models of all shades and backgrounds who have committed to advancing the Latinx community as a whole. Learn more about our models below:

Carolina Castro: Entrepreneur and Founder of Lean In New Jersey, works with Latinx in Tech groups to create inclusive workspaces

Jennifer Clayton: Known as “Speedy Jen”, Jennifer works with young athletes in track and field training

Danice Crump: Director of Operations for Harlem Village Academies

Bianca Kea: Founder of YoSoyAfrolatina, a lifestyle brand that highlights the people, experiences, and culture of Afro Latinas

Irene Lucio: Creator of BUTS Webseries, winner of the Best Comedy at NBCUniversal Short Film Festival, which celebrates diverse storytellers

Martin Navarrete: First generation Mexican-American, born in New York City; Product Owner at Forbes Media

Sylvia Ortega: High School Programs Social Worker for BEAM, a program to help underserved students enter advanced study in mathematics

Ilbert Sanchez: Founder of Garcon Couture, a minority-owned custom garment shop

David Silva: Founder of Techqeria, a nonprofit representing the largest community of Latinx in tech

Flow Tejada: Dominican, first generation college grad; Director of College Completion at Uncommon Schools

Given their commitment to advancement, many of the photo shoot participants were drawn to the project. “Exposure is key in the workforce – where we see others who look like us, we are more likely to feel that they represent who we are and we can get to where they are,” shares Flow Tejada. “I work with high school students and representation and exposure is something that we focus on daily. For us adults, we often forget that we’re looking for that type of affirmation.”

Companies often make their first impressions to prospective candidates, customers and clients through their imagery – it’s an opportunity to say from the start that diversity and inclusion matters. As we work with leading companies to build better workforces, we want to challenge all organizations to go beyond talking about diversity, and show the value of it.

The Jopwell Latinx Photoshoot is available online at https://jopwellcollection.jopwell.com/jopwell_latinxcollection/

As with our other collections, the images are free to download and leverage under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution License. Please credit “Jopwell” by tagging “@Jopwell" and use #JopwellLatinxShoot when sharing the images on social media!

If you’re interested in collaborating on a similar stock photo collection, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

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