4 Things to do Before you Apply for a Job in 2020

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If you’re looking for any type of job this semester - be it a part time gig, a summer internship, or a full time role after graduation - make sure you complete these four steps before you submit your application!

Update your resume!

Make sure your GPA reflects any changes from your last semester and that you add any relevant courses you may have taken. It’s a great time to make sure your experiences are up to date as well. Check out this resume template for formatting suggestions, and read up on financial services resumes here.

Polish your cover letter.

Not every position will ask for one, but when it’s a required part of your application, it's helpful to have a template ready to go. Don’t scramble at the last minute - take the time to get your key ideas down on paper now and edit as appropriate when you do apply!

Prep for future interviews before they happen.

It’s never too early to prepare for any type of interview - and the longer you give yourself to get ready, the more comfortable you will be when it is time to apply. Check out our tips on virtual Interviews and challenging questions- even better, book a mock interview for yourself with career services (or enlist a friend.)

Network, network, network!

It never hurts to have an advocate when you are looking for a new position - use the time before you apply to reach out to peers, former managers, or friends-of-friends to introduce yourself and build new connections. We know networking is scary - check out our guides for building authentic relationships and networking as an introvert!

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