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Finishing the Semester Strong

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We are again at that odd part of the semester where we are looking forward to the Thanksgiving break but are constantly reminded that days after the holiday, deadlines, finals and thesis are due! Honestly, I can relate to that, and it is genuinely overwhelming. How do we acknowledge these feelings and then be able to shoulder them through the end of the semester? Let’s find out what study skills can help us finish the semester strong.

Find a fave study spot

In my two years of college, I have found the joy of discovering new study spots on campus that have allowed me to learn better and appreciate my campus. As someone stuck on wanting just to study in my room, this disassociation between relaxing and exploring has allowed me to see better results and feel even more relaxed. There are spots I had not known existed, and now I feel like I cannot survive without them. So here is a challenge: go out and be Dora the Explorer around your campus, and see what you find!

Healthy study break options

Are you finding yourself scrolling on Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok again? This situation is a trap that I have fallen victim to. It’s funny how a 10-minute study break turns into 2 hours of mindless scrolling in a split second! If only time had flown by that fast when we were in class. It's essential that we are intentional with our time, and one of the things that I have found helpful is setting a time limit on the apps or leaving my phone behind when I go to my favorite study spot. One of the ways you can combat this is instead of using your phone, you can go on a walk for your break, take a power nap, watch your favorite movie, or even read a book.

Schedule a time to Relax, Rejuvenate, Reward & Repeat

These 4 R’s play an integral part in my life! Taking care of yourself and being the best version of yourself is essential by sleeping well, eating well throughout the day, and staying hydrated! I have adopted a self-care Sunday routine in which I devote the whole day to relaxing and spending time with myself. I take time to do the things I love that often become difficult to make time for any other day of the week with the chaoticness of being a college student. My routine has even adopted dedicated blocks of time when I don't look at emails, anything school-related, or even social media. Taking that Sunday off allows me to be refreshed and optimistic for the new week! Please take time to adopt a day in your busy schedule for self-care. Another way to do this is instead of taking the whole day off, you can block an hour each day in your schedule dedicated to yourself just the same way you schedule meetings. It is essential also to do the same for your self-care.

In addition, rewarding yourself is also crucial after tirelessly working on how you want to treat yourself. I buy a small gift or even reward myself with some good food because we can all agree that dining hall food can be dull sometimes and not doing the job when we are celebrating, haha! So whether you enjoy being a foodie or buying gifts I encourage you to treat yourself!

These are some of the ways I have been able to stay sane and take care of myself when times get hectic. Finding the balance between self-care and my responsibilities makes it possible to achieve the various goals that I have set for myself, which is so exciting. I hope this was helpful and wish you all the best as you navigate the process!

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