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How to Balance School & the Job Search

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Because you can do both.

It’s important to own a calendar to help balance school and the job search. A calendar allows you to see all important dates laid out. When you receive your syllabi for classes, add your due dates to your calendar and continue to make updates if deadlines change. Additionally, keep your eye on both your school’s academic and events calendars. Be sure to add any information about add/drop class periods, midterms, finals, career fairs, and job application deadlines to your own calendar. Seeing what’s coming up is better than being caught off guard when the time comes.

Before applying to any job opportunities, it’s also best to determine how many applications you’re going to complete and how much time you need to complete them. Don’t burn yourself out by putting too much on your plate. While it’s impressive to be able to do all these activities while maintaining a high GPA, having great college memories are just as important. Remember to have fun however you define it.

To-do lists are a great way to hold yourself accountable for both work and fun. Make a list each morning. The feeling of crossing things off is unmatched. Add self-care things to your list like “hang out with friends,” “meditate,” and “exercise.” Take advantage of your school’s health and wellness centers; they may have in-house counselors and therapy dogs to play with.

Not sure where to get started with your job search? Here’s our guide to navigate the fall recruiting cycle. When you land your next role, don't forget to always prioritize your school work before anything else.

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