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30 Quotes From 30 Inspiring Latinx Leaders

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Credit: Oprah Daily

To close out Latinx Heritage Month, here are 30 quotes to represent each day of the month from 30 inspiring Latinx Leaders in nearly every field:

  1. "Success is its own reward, but failure is a great teacher too, and not to be feared."-Supreme Court Justice,Sonia Sotomayor
  2. “I am the one thing in life I can control. I am inimitable. I am an original."-Playwright/Artist,Lin-Manuel Miranda
  3. "Though we tremble before uncertain futures, may we meet illness, death, and adversity with strength, may we dance in the face of our fears."-Scholar, Gloria Anzaldua
  4. "Think about your community outside of work."-Pepsi CEO,Ramon Laguarta
  5. “Play hard, learn as much as I can and do what I do best.”-Athlete,Carmelo Anthony
  6. “I don’t want to be a savior, I want to be a mirror.”-Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  7. "Work hard and own it. You make your own success and your own luck. Ask for what you deserve.”-Birchbox Co-Founder,Katia Beauchamp
  8. "Find other founders who are Latino/Black who are going through the same experience as you are and share. Those founder stories you’ll realize are very similar. A lot of the walls you want to break through are similar."- Infinity Ventures Co-Founder,Mario Ruiz
  9. “I don’t feel pressure because I’m not trying to portray something that I’m not.”-Singer,Selena Quintanilla
  10. "If we can't look at the good, bad and ugly of who we are, we are never going to progress as people-ever."-Actress, Rosie Perez
  11. "I've just kept believing in myself.I never doubted my potential, or losing made me stronger mentally- Athlete, Idalys Ortiz
  12. "I forced myself to own my voice and own my power"-Journalist,Maria Hinojosa
  13. "Who we become in life and where we are is not just the result of hard work and determination,but also the generosity of many people."-Sonic VP,Claudia San Pedro
  14. "Make sure you are over prepared for what’s possible."- Writer, Elizabeth Acevedo
  15. "There’s no substitute for hardwork."- ADP CEO, Carlos Rodriguez
  16. "I just believe that if I work hard and do well, who knows what the future holds?"-US Representative, Joaquin Castro
  17. “There needs to be bigger change. It needs to fundamentally address the systematic failures in our country, in our capitalism, in our economic systems."-CEO/Founder, James Gutierrez
  18. "I Want To Teach People To Fully Believe That Being Healthy Really Is Being Happy."- Fitness Coach, Massy Arias
  19. "You have a vision. You’re gonna change the world, that's the entire point of start-ups, it's to change the world."-Engineering Leader, Marcos Polanco
  20. "To do is better than not to do."- Sitel Director of Digital Care Strategy, Isabella Mongalo
  21. "At the end of the day you still have to perform. There’s no babying."-Norwegian Cruise Line CEO, Frank del Rio
  22. "In science, we commonly learn to do the right thing by initially doing the wrong,This results in very slow progress, but meaningful progress, nonetheless."- Scientist, Dr. Kellie Ann Jurado
  23. "Follow your dream and do whatever you like to do the most."- Journalist, Jorge Ramos
  24. "Nothing worth it is ever easy."- Actress, Jessica Marie Garcia
  25. “Your history is your power.”- Activist, Juana Bordas
  26. "You have to remember your purpose and what kind of impact you want to make in the world. That will keep you on the path."- NASA Aerospace Engineer, Diana Trujillo
  27. “The world likes their Latinas to look like Italians and not like me.”- Actress, Gina Torres
  28. "When you succeed, don’t forget the responsibility of making somebody else succeed with you."- Physician, Antonia C. Novello
  29. "I can’t stop being me because someone doesn’t like that I smile a lot, or that I clap my hands and yell, 'Come on! Let’s go!' to my teammates."- Athlete, Francisco Lindor
  30. "If you invest in the youth they can become productive citizens."-Parexel VP, Aida Sabo
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