This Cybersecurity Expert Spills Her Secrets To Starting Her Own Company

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Jessica Robinson, Founder and CEO of PurePoint International


My name is... Jessica Robinson.

My company is… PurePoint International. We provide affordable cybersecurity solutions to businesses with up to 10,000 employees.

We launched in... full force in 2014.

Before I started I… was working for a Fortune 50 company in the area of safety and security.

My first career aspiration was… to be in the military or FBI. I was fascinated by several options, from working for the Secret Service or the CIA to being a Naval Intelligence Officer.

I made my very first dollar… babysitting.

My ideal day includes… traveling from city to city helping to implement new offices globally with our local teams. Though we specialize in providing security solutions to credit unions, law firms, start-ups, and nonprofits, we have worked with businesses in various industries. Our unique approach and personalized services allow us to work with nearly any industry and in nearly any country.

My typical day includes… checking my calendar and agenda for the day, reviewing projects connected to our strategic goals, completing calls with partners, reading emails, and meeting with potential clients or attending an event. Our biggest focus now is scaling PurePoint. We are investing more resources into marketing and sales. As a result, more of my time has been focused on growth metrics and meeting with clients.

Right when I wake up… I meditate or review my phone for updates.

Right before I go to bed… I meditate.


It brings out my best… when my mind, body, and spirit are fully aligned and connected to the people I am with or when my mind, body, and spirit are fully aligned and connected to my business.

I’m motivated by… possibility.

My career heroes are... Oprah Winfrey, Shonda Rhimes, Eileen Fisher, Sara Blakely, Tory Burch—women who have had the vision, talent, and leadership ability to create exceptional brands and businesses, and have a successful personal lives while doing amazing things for others in the world.

I’m worst at... I tend to be my worst when my mind and spirit are not aligned. It does not allow me to bring my best self to the present moment.

I’m currently excited about… scaling PurePoint and taking the company international.


My biggest entrepreneurial leap of faith was… leaving my full-time job and not looking for another one so I could build PurePoint.

My rock bottom moments... there was moment, after gaining momentum with PurePoint, where we had no cash flow to support the needs of the business – including payroll. Two people who had been working with me at the time found great opportunities with other companies and left. At that moment, I had to decide whether I was going to leave the business altogether or keep going. I was inspired to stay because of our clients and the ultimate vision I had for the company.

My biggest triumph was... on some level, every day feels like a triumph.

The biggest question I haven’t yet answered is... how to get around the roadblock of “not knowing what you don’t know.”

I define success as… having a feeling of daily satisfaction, even if I didn’t fully achieve a goal, in business or life.


If you’re thinking about starting your own company, I dare you to remember… success can’t be achieved without failure.

I dare you to forget… comparing yourself to others. Every person has a separate journey.

My best advice is… LOVE what you do! Most importantly, LOVE yourself!

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