#SafeForWork: 10 Work Appropriate Gifts for Your Co-workers Made By POC-Owned Brands

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It’s that time of year again and if you work in an office, you may have a gift swap with your coworkers, and if you are, you should be prepared! Shopping for coworkers can be challenging and it typically turns into an endless journey of scented candles, notebooks that they’ll never use, and mugs that end up in the community dishwasher.

Remember that the most important way to shop for your coworkers is to make sure you keep it thoughtful but professional. Keep it simple and budget-appropriate and maybe even think of things that you would want, but don’t think to buy on your own. You can also put together fun and unique gifts while supporting POC businesses in the process. It’s a win-win! Below, are 10 coworker friendly gifts from POC owned companies.

  1. A Well-Read Black Girl recommended book, from $7

Well-Read Black Girl was founded by writer and activist Glory Edim to focus on highlighting more writers of color and diverse literature.

  1. A 125 Collection candle, from $35

Founded by Valerie Wray and Joy Fennell—two friends in the beauty and fashion industries. They created this brand because they love candles but also because they wanted a product that encourages self expression and self love.

  1. Page Eleven Paper Goods Weekly Planner, from $20

Page Eleven Paper Goods was founded by Elisha McGhee to inspire people of color from various backgrounds to keep moving towards their goals.

  1. A tee shirt from OXDX, from $20

OXDX clothing is a Native American owned business based out of Tempe, Arizona that specializes in graphic art, screen printed apparel, and cut'n'sew clothing. Owner, designer, and artist Jared Yazzie has been producing artwork since 2009 to increase awareness of indigenous issues and to show the beauty of Native culture.

  1. Hause of Curls Popsocket, from $10

Hause of Curls is a brand founded by Dominican fashion stylist Sherly Tavarez for Latinx people and all people on their natural hair journey. They make T-shirts, hoodies, accessories, and more.

  1. A hat from Section 35, from $20

Founded by Justin Louis, Section 35 is all about bringing Indigenous art, culture, and lifestyle into a streetwear brand that empowers and brings people together.

  1. Essential oils/tonics from Anima Mundi Apothecary, from $18

Anima Mundi’s roots are within the heart of Costa Rica. Her company is dedicated to preserving the indigenous lands and local economies of Central and South America through organic agriculture.

  1. A mug from Yo Soy AfroLatina, from $25

Yo Soy AfroLatina is a brand that was created because of lack of representation in the product industry. They promote the visibility of the Black Diaspora within Latin America and the Caribbean, while celebrating diverse cultures. Their apparel is uniquely inspired with personal touches beyond your average mug. They also sell hats, tees, pins and more.

  1. A tote bag from Tees in the Trap, from $23

Founded by Arsha Jones, Tees in the Trap focuses on celebrating popular Black slogans and people. The brand aims to be authentic in capturing the language its eclectic culture.

  1. Socks from Zahira Kelly, from $19.95

Handcrafted wearable art, made to order prints, apparel, jewelry, collectibles and home decor by Dominican indie artist, sociocultural critic, and writer Zahira Kelly. Much of her proceeds go directly to marginalized women and femme identifying people of color.

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