Midsummer Check-In: Do these 6 things to end your summer internship on a high note

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July 4th weekend is behind us and you’re right in the middle of your internship! Now’s the perfect time to set some goals for the remainder of your summer. Check out our 5 recommendations to round out your internship experience!

Join a meeting with a new team or department

You have a solid understanding of what role your team plays within the organization. Now, take the time to learn about other departments! Observing another team meeting will help give you a holistic view into the company — and could give you a new perspective into your team’s goals. Added bonus: meeting new people is a great way to continue to build your network!

Set up a coffee chat (or two!)

You’ve gotten to know your teammates and the folks who sit around you — now, start branching out! Take the initiative to reach out to someone new who you find interesting and ask if you can buy them coffee. Come prepared with questions and always send a thank you email. Pro tip: it’s scary the first time, but once you get over the initial uncomfortable feelings, you’ll realize that this type of networking is a lot of fun — and could set you up for future opportunities!

Ask for feedback

Set up time on the calendar with your manager to get actionable feedback on the work you’ve been doing. Make sure that you’re asking for the critique as well as the positive comments — what should you focus on over the rest of the summer? How can you get better at your role? What skills should you hone? Bring a notebook to write it all down, then show your manager that you can take that feedback and improve! This is a great time to find out what you need to do to ensure a return offer at the end of the summer.

Attend a company event

It’s summer! That means a lot of things may be going on in the office: after work activities, company offsites, and other social events. Don’t get too caught up with work that you forget to network. There are still people who you have to meet and social events are a great way to build those relationships.

Update your resume

Before life becomes busy again with school, update your resume with your current projects. Doing so as soon as possible will keep those experiences fresh in your mind!

Plan ahead

Now is a great time to start thinking about your Fall goals. Did you learn something new over the summer that sparked your interest? Check to see if there are any relevant courses. Additionally, plan your next internship by focusing on areas in which you need more experience. Subscribe to company career pages so that you are aware of opportunities as soon as they are live.


Setting benchmarks for yourself is necessary to make any experience worthwhile. These actions will ensure that you have a well-rounded experience and that you made the most of your summer!

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