Mental Health Resources for Black and POC Communities

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In 2020, we faced one of the most difficult life adjustments every by shifting our entire way of communication to a socially distant approach due to a global pandemic. A year later, and we are still in the midst of processing this new normal of the way we interact with each other.

At a time like this, although it's important for us to continue pushing and living our normal lives, it's also important to make sure that we are paying attention to the nuances of our mental health. According, to studies only 41 percent of people who experience mental health challenges received professional health care or other services due to their circumstances.

Since the uprisings against racism, there has been a major increase in stress among Black and POC individuals. In the midst of racial bias, and mental health disparities, Black, Latinx, and Native American people have spent years trying to process the violence and racism that comes with living in this world. In addition to dealing with years of trauma, our communities are now facing these types of challenges during a pandemic that disproportionately targets Black and POC lives, health, and communities. As a result of these traumatic experiences, reports show that Black people endure higher rates of mental trauma. Although it's easier said than done, it's important to prioritize mental health in these underserved communities.

Here are a few of our vetted mental health services and programs that focus on Black, Latinx, Native American, and POC communities.

Resources for Black Communities

1. Therapy for Black Girls Online community dedicated to encouraging mental wellness for Black women and Black girls. Therapy for Black Girls also offers a referral tool to help users find mental health services.

  1. Black Men Heal Provides mental health treatment, psycho-education, and support services to men of color. By providing free access to mental health services, Black Men Heal encourages Black men to share experiences of stigma, racial bias, and mental health issues with other Black men to help create safe spaces.

  2. Sad Girls Club / Sad Boys Club Sad Girls Club is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization founded to create community and diminish stigma around mental health. We strive to support women of color and the millennial & GenZ population.

  3. National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network The National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network (NQTTCN) is a healing justice organization that actively works to transform mental health for queer and trans people of color in North America.

  4. Ethel's Club Online community that creates healing spaces that center and celebrate people of color through conversation, wellness and creativity.

Resources for Latinx Communtiies

  1. Latinx Therapy Service that provides mental health therapists and other helpful information for the Latinx community.

  2. Latinx Grief Founded by Paulina Isabel Almarosa, MSW @counselingcontigo. Grief support & education via storytelling

  3. National Alliance for Hispanic Health organization with information on various topics that offers a helpline (866-783-2645) for assistance navigating the health system.

  4. Supporting the Hispanic/Latino Community, The Campaign to Change Direction Initiative with crisis counseling text line (text 741741).

  5. Therapy for Latinx Vetted verified therapists, psychiatrists, community clinics, emergency mental health, life coaches and support groups for the Latinx community.

Resources for Native American Communities

  1. Center for Native American Youth Organization with tools including videos, peer-to-peer engagement activities and a resource exchange.

  2. Native Americans for Community Action Organization in Arizona providing behavioral health services.

  3. Native American Health Center California Bay-Area organization providing behavioral health services.

  4. NAMI Greater LA County Service providing education, support, and advocacy at no cost for folks affected by mental health challenges + illness.

Resources for Asian and Pacific Islander Communities

  1. Asians Do Therapy Online service working to reduce stigma about and improve access to therapy with guidance on finding a therapist.

  2. Asian Mental Health Collective AMHC aspires to make mental health easily available, approachable, and accessible to Asian communities worldwide.

  3. National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association Organization with trainings, self-care tips and articles related to the mental health of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders.

  4. Asian Pacific Counseling and Treatment Centers An agency based in Los Angeles County, California, that offers mental health counseling online as well as workshops and group activities for the Asian Pacific communities in its service area.

Here's an op ed on mental health written by Kimberly Truong, We're Fine: What's Stopping Asian-American Millennials From Talking About Mental Health

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