Jopwell U Ambassador Highlight Series: Stephanie Nuesi

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Stephanie Nuesi- Jopwell Ambassador

We want to make your school-to-career process a little easier and we know that some of the best advice comes from your fellow college students. That’s why we’ve tapped our Jopwell U Ambassadors for a little help in this department.

Jopwell U Ambassadors are our team of all-star undergrads who help us spread the word about Jopwell on campuses nationwide. They also help us learn more about students’ needs so we can provide you with the most relevant resources possible. Instead of having you wonder who these behind-the-scenes connectors are, learn more about them in our #JUAHighlightSeries!

Meet Stephanie Nuesi, CEO of Max Up, an Accounting major at Baruch College, and Jopwell Ambassador. In this highlight, she talks about coming to the U.S., transferring schools, and starting her own business.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself! (What are your passion points, why did you chose your major, what extracurriculars are you a part of etc.,)

When I came to the United States I didn’t know English, which made it very difficult to take advantage of the opportunities available to me. I took it upon myself to learn the language in a year and was accepted into three different colleges.

I had taken two years of Accounting as part of my high school education in the Dominican Republic, which helped me understand my career aspirations.

As the former Vice-President of the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA), and Co-founder and President of the Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA) I have been able to help over 300 students develop their professional skills.

What factors went into you selecting Baruch College as your alma mater? What sparked you to start a business?

I was accepted into York College, where I spent 3 years and then transferred to Baruch College. Baruch offered me the opportunity to grow academically and an option to pursue my Master’s Degree in Taxation. An added bonus was the fact that Baruch has an excellent accounting program. Transferring to Baruch was not an easy task specially having already spent 3 years in my previous school, but I was fortunate enough to find ALPFA, and the community welcomed me and offered me the support I needed to transition into the school. Being a Jopwell Ambassador in a school I knew nothing about was very challenging, but I took this as an opportunity to come out of my comfort zone and get to know who the faculty and staff in the school were, as well as what organizations were active on campus. I had tremendous success because I was able to help many students unlock opportunities through Jopwell.

It was also thanks to Baruch that I started my own business, Max Up (Maximize Your Potential), because I felt the need of students to have career guidance and mentorship. I want to be able to help students maximize their potential and provide them with the necessary resources.

What do you take into consideration when selecting the right opportunity for you?

I visualize myself in the position and consider the pros and cons of each option. I have always believed that you should do something that you are passionate about, sure, you may be good at something, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are passionate about it. Rather think about what can be done that will help me accomplish future goals while enjoying the process.

What was the application process for these internships like for you? Any advice you’d give to other students looking to pursue similar opportunities?

The first thing I did was to prepare my mindset and understand my goals. I would recommend that students consider:

  • Joining organizations on and off campus that can help you accelerate the process.
  • Know your story and your why: If you are applying for certain positions, you must know your story and the reason why you are applying for any particular role. This will help you in your interview process.
  • Join platforms like Jopwell that can help you land that dream internship or full-time position.

What sort of lessons and connections did you take away from your internship experience?

At my internship this past summer, I learned to always ask questions, even if it seems to be extremely simple. One simple question can save you and others a lot of time. As part of my internship process, I was able to hone in on my teamwork, adaptability and persistency. I learned how to deal with failures by coming into work with a growth mindset. Mistakes are lessons.

In terms of connections, I set a goal of meeting at least 50 professionals from the company by the end of my internship, and just in the first month I was able to have 34 coffee chats and connected with almost 100 employees across the country.

How has your role as a JUA changed your perspective of the university-to-career process? How do you feel it has/could impact your peers?

Through the Jopwell U Ambassador Program, I have been able to meet students and hear their stories on the lack of support in professional development. Having been in their shoes, I want to use Jopwell as a way to help students become the best version of themselves. The program has allowed me to develop my leadership, teamwork, communication, and marketing skills. Being a Jopwell Ambassador means you are representing a brand, and the different ways I have been able to show that brand hashelped me develop a deeper understanding of how important it is to build both a personal and professional brand.

When I came to this country, I was an introverted person. I was shy and felt nervous when talking in front of people. Thanks to organizations like Jopwell, I have been able to develop my communication and public speaking skills, which has led me to this year’s record of 50+ speaking workshops around the nation. I never thought I could speak in front of 10 people, and now I do it in front or large audiences. This shows how being part of organizations like Jopwell can help you break obstacles and become the best version of yourself.

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