Jopwell Select Community Spotlight: Marie Hinds

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Marie Hinds, Senior Analyst, Early Engagement Marketing at American Express

This article is the second in a series highlighting wins from Jopwell Select candidates and practical tips for professionals seeking job opportunities. For more info about Jopwell Select check out our first spotlight piece on Ryan Owusu. Today’s Jopwell Select spotlight is on Marie Hinds, a Senior Analyst at American Express. We asked Marie a few questions about her new role and advice for the community.

What are you focusing on now at work that you're excited about?

The global nature of American Express is what excites me about my new role. Knowing I have a large network to help me grow professionally was one of the things that most attracted me to the role. Since I've been in the role, I've met several people who have worked for the company for almost 10 years and are more than happy to share their corporate and marketing expertise.

How did Jopwell help you with your job search?

While Jopwell sending emails with positions that were relevant based on my experience listed on my profile was great, the most helpful aspect was that recruiters could reach out to me directly, which was how I landed this role.

What advice do you have for professionals looking for a new job?

Try not to get desperate - I've made that mistake before and lost sight of both my wants and needs. It can be tempting to take a position if you are between roles or unhappy, but more times than not, desperation leads to roles that don't fit into your career. Be open to roles that don't directly fit into your plan, but could be a valuable experience for the future.

What's a quote that inspires you?

My favorite quote is a reminder of how to navigate the world by Maya Angelou. "I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back."

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