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Dear Somebody, Sincerely Anonymous Employee

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January 1, 2023

Dear Somebody,

Are you there? I have a lot to say but the words only come out when I write.

I have been glued to this computer typing away. My hope is you will see my words. I need a new job, and this market is unpredictable. As if it was not hard enough to get a mid-senior level job as a Black person, I now find myself in a pool of “more qualified” talent, or so they say after I have been rejected — or is it redirected?

I hear all kinds of tips and motivational sentiments. What I thought was a perfect resume needed some adjustments. Oh, and please do not get me started on my cover letter. I wonder if changing my name will make a difference.

I guess I will continue to put a smile on my face in these interviews. I received a tip about taking my braids out next time to look more presentable. I received another tip to dress more professionally on casual work days. How much do I need to change?

People tell me it could be worse; I could be unemployed. What they do not know is I am facing the realities of workplace trauma. Even with the quality work I produce, my boss never seems to be pleased. She is constantly micromanaging me and putting me in uncomfortable situations. She expects me to work overtime (weekly), belittling me in front of other leaders, and blocking me from career development opportunities.

As much as I want to set boundaries in the workplace, I constantly feel like I need to be available as needed. I feel like I have to prove myself more than others. When I first interviewed for this job, I was told the hours were flexible. Yet, my boss usually asks me to complete a task or project as early as 5am and as late as 10pm. It is mentally draining. Just last week, she had an “urgent project” for me to complete which made me 10 minutes late for a meeting. When I walked into the meeting, she glared at me and said, “Nice of you to join us 10 minutes late. We got started without you since you are not needed for this week’s assignment.”

I feel like I have to take it, the long hours and emotional abuse. Sometimes I’m not sure if it’s in my head, or if these agressions are more focused on me. I feel alone in my experience here.

I feel less alone in February. A time when Black culture, history, and service is celebrated. This month reminds me that what I am experiencing is real. Many of my Black, Latinx, and Native American colleagues, friends, and family experience racial discrimination and bias. This month brings me hope. I wish it could last forever.

So I’ll keep writing, keep trying, and start listening to my own tips.


Anonymous Employee

February 1, 2023

Dear Jopwell,

I accepted my job offer today! I can finally say that I have a job where the work is meaningful and my new boss is excited about me joining.

I wish I had known about Jopwell much sooner. I guess one of those tips turned out well — those previous rejections were my redirection to jobs on your careers site. I did not realize how many companies are committed to hiring people like me. It is refreshing and gives me everlasting hope as I advance in my career.

Thank you for giving myself and other people of color the space to share our stories and advance our careers!


Anonymous Employee

A Message From the Author

The Anonymous Employee is a letter created from the many stories shared from our Jopwell community. If you would like to share your anonymous story with Jopwell, you can here.

The reality is, many Black Job Seekers Still Face Racial Bias in the Hiring Process. Whether it be changing their name on their resume and/or cover letter in hopes they will have a better chance of hearing from a recruiter or switching their hair style to “look more presentable”, or feeling like they have to work twice as hard as others, all of it happens in real life.

Jopwell is a diversity recruitment platform on a mission to advance careers for Black, Latinx, and Native American students and professionals. We have helped thousands of community members find jobs that match their transferable skills and experience regardless of the color of their skin. As a Jopwell member, you will have access to jobs, events, and content. For starters, when celebrating Black History Month, educate yourself on why we honor Black History Month.

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