BlackRock's Mission to Build a Diverse Community from Within

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As corporations and teams continue to grow, it’s important to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the forefront of the hiring discussion. However, as job markets become more competitive, it leaves room for companies to claim that diversity hiring is extremely difficult.

At Jopwell, it’s important for us to not only partner with corporations that are passionate about DEI and taking the proper steps to secure a more diverse workforce, but we’re also focused on working with companies that are teachable and willing to learn and do the work in order to make tangible changes within their organizations. BlackRock has been working towards ambitious diversity initiatives as they focus on growth within their organization.

What is BlackRock and why should you explore opportunities at the company?

BlackRock is a fintech firm that helps millions of people build savings that serve them throughout their lives by making investing easier. As a global investment manager and fiduciary to their clients, their purpose at BlackRock is to help everyone experience financial well-being. They’ve been a leading provider of financial technology and literacy, with clients who turn to them when planning for their financial futures. It’s been their mission to make investing more accessible and more affordable.

We spoke with two BlackRock employees about their experience with the company, what initially attracted them to the company, and how they’ve experienced BlackRock’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in their day-to-day. Continue reading to learn more about what it’s like to be a BlackRock employee.

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Mara Rodriguez, Associate Product Manager

Tell us about your role at BlackRock. What do you do? What does your team do?

I work as a Product Manager for Aladdin—an investment management platform designed to power every aspect of the investment process. I am currently working to extend Aladdin to support alternative assets, enabling true multi-asset workflows.

In what ways have you experienced BlackRock’s commitment to diversity in your day-to-day experience?

I have experienced BlackRock’s commitment to diversity through the constant conversations surrounding diversity and inclusion hosted throughout the firm. The firm schedules various leadership panels, employee network events, community events, etc.—these events are made readily accessible to every employee throughout the firm.

How has BlackRock supported your professional development?

I have found it very easy to talk about my professional development with many of my colleagues at BlackRock – it's often a topic of discussion and is encouraged through various forums such as manager 1:1s, leadership panels, and performance reviews, among others.Many BlackRock teammates want to help with your professional development and become personally invested in building your career.

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Jina Haynes, Vice President, Global Client Services

Tell us about your role at BlackRock. What do you do? What does your team do?

I am a member of the Client Contracting team within Global Client Services, which is part of BlackRock's Business Operations team in the Atlanta, Georgia office, also referred to as the Atlanta innovation Hub. I lead the Canadian, Latin American, and Transition Management business channels and am responsible for managing key stakeholder relationships, drafting and negotiating legal agreements, and creating investment documentation on behalf of BlackRock's Institutional Client Business including public and private pension plans, foundations, and endowments, and family offices. My team works closely with Client & Investment Businesses, critical support teams, external service providers, and our clients directly. The team is instrumental in ensuring new and existing clients receive “best in class” service.

What keeps you at BlackRock?

Aside from being the world’s largest asset management company, BlackRock’s core principles are the reason I came to work here. Their principles are exemplified in every area of the firm. BlackRock: We are a fiduciary to our clients We are One BlackRock We are passionate about performance We take emotional ownership We are committed to a better future.

Global organizations are often siloed and culturally inconsistent, but not BlackRock. There is constant collaboration between diverse teams across the globe. In my role, one day I’m speaking with someone in Edinburgh and the next Singapore. The collection of locations strengthens the culture at the firm. As the Chief Executive Officer, Larry Fink, has stated, “culture inspires employees to go above and beyond their responsibilities every day.” This is a daily commitment and practice. I also enjoy learning and meeting people in other countries to connect with on future travels. BlackRock provides the perfect opportunity to foster global friendships.

There’s no firm like BlackRock. It’s the perfect place to marry your passion with your career. I have a charitable heart and the firm provides ample opportunities to support my volunteering efforts and commitments. The firm not only assigns a monetary amount to my external volunteer hours, the Atlanta iHub has various local opportunities as well. On average, the firm matches over 180 hours of my personal time. Working for such an amazing philanthropic organization is key to fulfilling my passions.

Are you involved in any employee networks? If so, how has your involvement contributed to your experience at BlackRock?

The firm established varying employee resource groups or networks that provide safe havens to discuss culturally relevant issues with key leadership support. In Atlanta, I serve as the Lead for our Black Professionals and Allies employee network. I never imagined how influential this position would be within the office. The Atlanta leadership team is always seeking new ways to enhance the black employee experience and routinely taps our network to opine beforehand. It’s imperative to include our network in conversations and decisions that ultimately affect or involve black employees or black communities in Atlanta. It is a well-known fact that underrepresented communities struggle to create generational wealth due to systemic racism and oppression. BlackRock understands the only color of money is green. I’m proud to work at an organization that actually gets it!

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