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5 Ways To Get A Promotion This Summer

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Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, people have officially fallen into summer mode, which can sometimes mean coming to work later, leaving earlier, and taking Mondays and Fridays off. You might think this lovely season is the perfect time to relax a bit at work. But summer is actually a great time to recharge and get ahead in your career. Here are some tips to help you work toward a raise in August:

1. Network it.

Summer is known as party season, so you’ll have ample time for networking. This is the time to get those drinks with so-and-so who you’ve been meaning to meet for months. People are more willing to stay out later because it’s warmer and lighter in the evening. Use this time wisely!

2. Ramp up your personal brand.

If you find that you have less work, use this extra time to ramp up your personal brand. For most of us, this means taking full control of our online presence. According to The YEC, you should start by registering your name online. If you can’t snag a dot-com address, think of getting a .me, .net, or try using your middle name or nickname. Sign up for the social networking sites that you feel most comfortable with, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to secure your identity with them.

3. Bring new ideas to the table.

Again, if it’s slower, use this time to strategize. Look at the big picture. Do research. Ask if you can meet with your boss to talk about some new ideas.

4. Offer to take on extra work.

Hey, if you have the energy, this is another great way to show off your stuff. Offer to lead a project or maybe manage an intern?

5. Ask.

We have talked about timing when you are going to ask for your raise or promotion. You don’t want to do it when half the company has been let go or your boss is super stressed out. You want to do it at the end of the fiscal year, which is actually June or July for some companies.

This post originally appeared on Levo.

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